For over five decades, Design Tanks (formely Raven Tanks) has designed and fabricated fiberglass tanks for a variety of markets, to meet increasingly stringent industry standards. We have invested in our future with cutting-edge robotics, documentation, and personalized training of our dedicated workforce.

Monitoring and Documentation

Each tank mold is equipped with precision monitoring systems which record the individual materials in pounds of glass, resin, and percent catalyst. Along with this record, we catalog resin type, date of manufacture, and all test data. Information is compiled and filed by tank serial number.

Robotic Precision

With our robotic water jet cutter, we modify our fiberglass tanks and components without compromising the integrity of the laminate. With high-pressure water, each cut is precise, decreasing tolerances and reducing misalignment in the manufacturing process. Read about our superior technology tools.

Fabrication Quality

We use robotics to simultaneously chop glass and spray resin to fabricate our large tank end sections. Robotics ensures optimal strength-to-weight ratio and creates a consistent thickness. Our tanks achieve extremely flat, uniform perimeters for enhancing contact with the mounting surface. This helps eliminate potential micro-fractures which often occur along unsupported edges.

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