Want to add custom accessories to your tank design? Design Tanks offers a wide variety of additional options to add to the interior or exterior of your tank. We manufacture and install custom-engineered products to meet your unique needs and specifications with a complete line of tank accessories. 

Examples of custom tank accessories we create include:

  • Nozzles: Flanged nozzles with plate or conical gussets are available.
  • Legs or Skirt Support: Fiberglass-reinforced plastic skirt or steel leg support can be constructed for tanks with special support requirements.
  • Lifting and Hold-down Lugs: Lifting lugs and hold-down lugs are available to fit certain requirements.
  • Ladders and Handrails: Large access platforms can be constructed to your exact specifications to include OSHA-certified ladders, safety cages, top handrails, and more.
  • Baffles: Baffles of all sizes are available for construction.
  • Spargers: We can create spargers according to your system specifications.
  • Freeze Protection: Heat panel system with insulation to maintain above freezing temperatures.
  • Internal Slope Bottom: For complete drainage without costly cone or dish bottom tanks.

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