Design Tanks is proud to produce cost-effective, long lasting fiberglass tanks for customers like you. We can attribute 50 years of success in part to our investment in developing and using new technologies. Our tanks meet your precise standards and custom specifications because we use superior technology.

Watch a video explaining how we include technology in the building process:

Molding Robotics and Laser Technology

Our head molding robot applies repetitive materials with consistency at a speed unattainable by a  manual process. Quality and consistency are continuously verified during in-line quality checks using electronic, visual, and physical testing. Laser technology positions fittings, removing man-made errors and improving fitting location accuracy.

Water Jet Robotics

We use robotics in the cutting cell, where a robotic water jet cuts extremely precise holes. This precision cut simplifies the secondary bonding process, while reducing the potential for leak paths created by imprecise or errant cutting.

3D Printing

Our most recent technical addition is in 3D printing. The 3D printer was added to solve a specific material part challenge, but it has become useful in creating concept parts. The 3D printer also helps prototype tools and shorten development, resulting in additional cost/time saving enhancements.

Want to learn more about the technology we use?

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