Ready to create your custom tank? Our experienced engineering team reviews new or existing tank specifications and make cost-effective recommendations for all tank sizes and types.

To ensure product reliability, each tank meets or exceeds the design strength of ASTM Standards (D3299 or D4097), which states 10:1 safety factor on pressure and 5:1 on a vacuum. Our engineering team is pleased to offer you the following services:

Regulation Support

Wind and seismic calculations are available from a Design Tanks engineer. When your project needs to meet a specification or company requirement, you can request wet stamp calculations from a state professional engineer. With our seismic experience, we trust the International Building Code (IBC) which has been universally accepted. This requires the tank restraint system to meet site-specific (zip code) criteria including Ss, Class, and Imp Factor.

Design Recommendations

Get help designing your perfect tank. Our engineers make recommendations on the following and many more options:

  • Fire retardant resins
  • Integral custom exterior colors
  • Internal downpipes to reduce product foaming
  • Mixing baffles to enhance a mixer’s performance
  • Custom-engineered agitator supports
  • Freeze protection systems
  • Internal sloping tank bottoms
  • Integrally bonded fiberglass components

Beyond design parameters, we’ll help hand pick each tank’s resin system for the chemical, concentration, and temperature based on your specific needs. By partnering with suppliers, we utilize their resin recommendation. We can help validate the selection of resin by providing you with a letter from the resin supplier.

Drawings and Feature Approvals

Decided to go with Design Tanks? The next step is delivering you timely CAD or 3D drawings, where you can choose the desired tank features. After our engineering team receives written drawing approval, the tank will be entered into our production schedule and we’ll provide you with an anticipated ship date.

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