Our employees are a large reason why customers choose Design Tanks. From the initial discussion to site acceptance of our product, our team provides valuable services to you. We walk you step by step through your storage tank project, ensuring complete satisfaction.

We Listen to You

Our knowledgeable and supportive sales, engineering, and support staff identify what’s important to you. Once your storage goals are known, we offer a detailed proposal identifying: pricing, estimated freight, anticipated submittal drawing, and manufacturing lead-time for furnishment.

Have questions during the process? We’re here to help. No matter if you need to speak to sales, engineering, or manufacturing, you’ll find support with our expert team. Answers are only a phone call or email away. Contact us anytime with your tank questions.

Shipping Support

Ship your tank with confidence. We’ll gather competitive freight estimates from local, regional, and national transportation sources. With our knowledge of your tank’s shipping dimensions and weight, our shipping coordinator has a unique advantage to find you the best shipping option.

By comparing the shipping data to your tank site capabilities--along with availability of forklift or crane, side, or end of truck unloading--we will determine the correct unloading fit for you. Let us help you remove any potential shipping and handling delays or costs.

Expedited Production

Need to meet a specific on-site date that’s faster than our current production schedule? We may be able to expedite the process. Let us review your proposed timeline, and depending on purchased parts, available labor, and your specific project’s process needs, we’ll strive to achieve your on-site date.

Want to learn more about our fiberglass-reinforced plastic tanks?

Call us at 888.830.0061, contact us for more information, or request your custom quote.