Have you ever wondered what the differences are between our fiberglass tanks and poly tanks? Price is not the only factor. Research has shown fiberglass often results in a lower overall cost due to material longevity, content flexibility, and other design factors that reduce expensive maintenance and manual interactions for proper functioning.

Here are a few reasons why fiberglass is a superior material choice for storage tanks:

  • Fiberglass tank fittings are bonded integrally to the tank of the same material, adding structural integrity and minimizing potential leakage.
  • Fiberglass tanks have the design freedom to install accessories anywhere on the tanks versus flat areas only.
  • Fiberglass tanks have a longer tank service life than polyethylene tanks, reducing tank replacement timeframe and minimizing the potential for catastrophic failure while increasing ROI.
  • Fiberglass tanks have a very low co-efficient of expansion. Polyethylene tanks can swell three to four percent, and require expansion joints in all fittings, increasing total project cost.
  • Fiberglass tanks can be easily supplied with side access manways for convenient access for inspection and cleaning versus top access.
  • Fiberglass tanks can be manufactured with an internal slope bottom, resulting in complete drainage without costly cone or dish-bottom tanks.
  • Fiberglass tanks can be provided with an integral pigmentation with color matching for an aesthetically pleasing, maintenance-free exterior.
  • Fiberglass tanks can easily be supplied with hold-down systems for wind and seismic loads.

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