We begin with the unique qualities of fiberglass-reinforced plastic, a very strong and durable composite. Because of its strength and ability to handle a variety of chemicals, this material handles tank applications for many industries

Each storage tank is custom made, built in one of our efficient and strategically located manufacturing facilities in Sioux Falls, South Dakota or Belle Fourche, South Dakota with cutting-edge equipment. Watch a video explaining how Design Tanks manufactures custom tanks.

Created for You

Our experienced staff has a long-standing reputation for creating high-quality tanks for our customers in a variety of shapes and sizes—anywhere from 2 to 14 feet in diameter and holding from 50 to 50,000 gallons, with a variety of product options.

Each tank is manufactured in a process-flow facility using a centrifugally cast or chop-hoop wound process, enhanced with automated robotics and a fiberglass tank production team focused on quality control and on-time delivery.

Our tanks have an extensive offering of choices including the following:

  • Resin grades and types
  • Pigments
  • Resin cure systems
  • Post cure requirements
  • Inner corrosion barrier
  • Interior layers
  • Interior secondary layers
  • Surface veil
  • Reinforcement
  • Sizing of reinforcement,
  • Percentage of reinforcement and the laminate construction (inner surface, interior layer, and structural layer)

Quality Assurance

On our manufacturing floor, employees ensure a certificate of analysis is done and documented on all materials used. A sample of resin is pulled and analyzed on all resin shipments, then the resin is stored in a temperature-controlled environment.

A computerized monitoring system is used on all tanks to make sure the glass-to-resin ratio is met. The resin or tank material is a critical part of the tank design. Tank materials are determined by the application of the storage needs.

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